Adept Information Solutions, a medical legal consulting firm provides comprehensive litigation support to attorneys or other professionals in need of medical support. Whether you need assistance with medical liability, regulatory matters, or disciplinary issues, Adept Information Solutions can help. We are physician owned and operated. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and responsiveness and willingness to meet your needs in a timely fashion.

Getting help to navigate the complexities of medical care doesn’t need to be difficult. Adept Information Solutions can provide the answers to your questions. Whether you are looking for information to handle a medical liability case, deal with regulators, or a board of registration, we are here to clarify medical issues for you. We can translate and organize records, collect medical research to clarify issues as well as find information on any testifying experts to help with deposition and trial preparation.

Attorneys are among the busiest people we know so you probably don’t have the time to be the medical expert on your own cases. At Adept Information Solutions we understand that researching every detail of a medical case, doing literature searches or reviewing hundreds of pages of medical records takes time and may divert your attention from the legal aspects of the case. Relax and let Adept Information Solutions sweat those details. With our comprehensive litigation support services you can leave those details to us leaving you to practice law as you were intended to do. Please understand that no job is too big or too small for us, and we guarantee you a friendly, timely and personalized service. Let us help you save time and money and win more cases!